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Temporal data in separate tables - How to enable time?

Question asked by deleted-user-RXn6tsFwTuvX on Aug 3, 2019
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I am trying to set up a temporal dataset as outlined here:


My data consists of one set of polygon features (Parcels) representing agricultural land parcels (Fields: Parcel ID, Parcel Name) and a seperate table (pH_Values) containing soil ph values on specific dates (Fields: Parcel ID, pH).

Parcels: Parcel ID, Parcel Name

pH_Values: Parcel ID, pH, Date


I have followed the instructions at the above link to create a one-to-many relate with Parcel ID as the relate field.This seems to work fine. 


My issue is when I try to enable time on the polycon layer. I right-click properties -> Time and Select Layer TIme (Each feature has a single time field). However the only fields available to select are the orginal Parcels fields (Parcel ID, Parcel Name) and the fields from the related table are not present. 


Both my layers are in the same geodatabase. Can anyone provide some guidance on how to do this?