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Python environments in ArcGIS Pro broken after upgrade

Question asked by jay.gregory on Jul 31, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2019 by jborgion

I recently upgraded ArcGIS Pro from 2.3.1 to 2.4.  In addition to the default arcgispro-py3 environment, I had also created two additional environments by cloning the original arcgispro-py3 environment in Pro 2.3.1 .  After the upgrade, in the Manage Environments window, the other two environments are unable to be activated, with the error "Broken Environment: cannot be activated."


However, using the command prompt, I am able to active these two environments using conda activate, but UNABLE to import arcpy once activated and running python within them.  The error when trying to import arcpy is "importError: DLL load failed: The specified procedure could not be found."


Is this behavior intended?  It seems to defeat the purpose of having isolated environments with package versions if these environments break after a Pro upgrade.


Or does this have to do specifically with the licensed arcpy library, and any environments created you want to persist after an upgrade cannot be clones of the original arcgispro-py3 environment?