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AppStudio App push notification

Question asked by on Jul 31, 2019
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I have created an app using the Mapviewer template. I extended the template with some push notification functionality. When the app is used, the user get's a push notification when getting close to a feature. 


If the app is running in the background, then a push notification also appears, but this leads to this problem: 


The notification is shown on the app icon:

The notification (the number) cannot be removed again from the app icon. I have to shut the app down, before the notification disappears. 


The code for the push notification is:

            function pushNotificationMessage(title, message, vibrate) {
                if (message && notification.supported) {
                    notification.schedule(title, message, 1001);
                if (vibrate && Vibration.supported) {

What can i do, to make the notification disappear when the app is opened?

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