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Build Network performance

Question asked by on Jul 30, 2019
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I am working on automating a process which imports data from local and regional transit authorities, builds a network dataset, and then publishes a Network Analysis service to our ArcGIS Server to use later to solve routing problems.


The process works fine, but the 'build network' step takes quite a long time (8+ hrs) and I was wondering if there are any suggestions of ways I can speed it up.


Network dataset info:

-Global turns only

-No elevation

-End point connectivity

-Roughly 70000 edge features

-Two network attributes added in addition to default Length attribute: one Cost, one Restriction


I am using ArcMap 10.7. Building the network takes a long time both via ArcMap GUI as well as via ArcPy.


Things I have tried:

-changed network attributes from python to vb script

-hardcoded cost and restriction values into the underlying feature class and changed the network dataset attributes to simply read those fields rather than running any script to derive them