Using personal Pointcloud/3D Mapping data overlay

Discussion created by grantdar on Jul 29, 2019

Hi Everyone,


I am developing a UGV project which interfaces with an android control application. The android control application has been using ArcGIS for viewing and displaying geolocation information. The project MUST be offline so we use .mmpk generated from ArcGIS Pro. The UGV is mapping 3D space using a multitude of sensors by which I have tested using many mapping algorithms (ROS). These algorithms are able to provide me Pointcloud data with global reference frames.


I have looked into this interaction and have found that ArcGIS Pro allows me to create .slpk files for view on the android interface. These .slpk files are generated by using.LAS files which are typically aerial collections of LIDAR Pointcloud data. My application is ground level by which I don't believe.LAS files would be appropriate. I can extract the live Pointcloud data from the UGV but as I know, there is no way to display such data without post-processing in ArcGIS Pro. 


It would be possible for me to develop in PCL if that is more appropriate however I have not found any support for this approach either. Could anyone please direct me to methods/approaches to interface with the ArcGIS system? I want to remove as much user load as possible, I can process the pointclouds on the UGV and just need to be able to interface this data with ArcGIS on Android.


Thanks, Grant.