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Can't Sort By Statistic Due To Cannot Access Data Error - Serial Chart

Question asked by FNCMapping on Jul 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2020 by nbatoolCairn

I am trying to create a serial chart, that shows the top rig operators.  The layer is a hosted feature service, and contains individual points.  My category field is Operator Name, and my statistic is count.  The table will then display the number of rigs per operator name.  However, when I try to sort by statistic, I get the error, "Cannot Access Data."  


Again, this is a hosted feature service, and by looking at the metadata, statistics are enabled for this layer.


Ultimately, I would like a chart showing the top ten operators by Rig Count in a geographic area that updates as you zoom in/out in the map.  


Update: I've tested this on ArcGIS Online, and have no issues running the same exact scenario.  However, when I try in Portal 10.7, I can't sort by statistic.  I assume I've encountered some type of bug


Any ideas?