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Locking Geospatial Data?

Question asked by TSHiggins on Jul 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2019 by LanceCole

Is there a way to lock down geometry of individual feature classes? We have a process being established that requires certain features to have their positions approved before they can be appended to the record, so features are collected by field staff, sent in for approval, and then the geospatial data is appended during the approval process. Once it's in the official feature class, we want to be able to lock down those positions and the metadata so they can't be modified by anyone except the approvers.


Normally I'd say we could just set permissions as a whole, but we don't want to bottleneck the entire process by having the group that does the geospatial approval have to make changes to non-positional data.


A workflow looks like this:

1. Field worker goes and collects new features, following guidelines set by mapping group. At the same time, existing features may have attribute updates that aren't related to their positions.

2. Field data is sent in for approval with the mapping group. Mapping staff reviews GPS metadata, and either approves, rejects, or marks data for modification (such as reducing positional accuracy estimates within the attributes), and appends the record to the publishable feature class.

3. Other staff modifies, analyzes, or appends any other data within the features aside from geospatial data, and do not have the ability to relocate features, perform coordinate transformations, or modify metadata associated with the field positional data collection.


Hopefully this isn't as complicated as I fear; really we just want a way to mark positions as authoritative and prevent unauthorized or unintentional modification. Any thoughts?