Write to Same Related Table within One Form

Discussion created by gibbonsbr_CDMSmith on Jul 26, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by gibbonsbr_CDMSmith

I would like to see an enhancement that would allow writing to the same related table from different parts of an inspection form. For example, we are performing an inventory on a system. We would like to be able to walk users through a list of different subsystem inspections by having a repeat header for each subsystem. Users need the ability to add multiple records for each subsystem. However, each subsystem inspection is currently being written to its own table, resulting in a very messy database with dozens of tables. I considered adding a dropdown for subsystem within the repeat, but it is easy for an inspector to miss a subsystem type this way.  


I tried using the same name for the repeat to try to force it to write to the same table, but got an error in Survey123 Connect about multiple elements having the same name.