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import arcpy in multiprocessing make script to hang indefinitely

Question asked by DemersM on Jul 24, 2019

I have a simple script to test multiprocessing with arcpy, but the script hang indefinitely. The problem is with the import arcpy statement that seems to be a problem in the child processes. Other multiprocessing script without import arcpy are working correctly

import arcpy
import multiprocessing

import os, sys
multiprocessing.set_executable(os.path.join(sys.exec_prefix, 'python.exe'))

def testExists(data):
    print data
    return arcpy.Exists("foo.gdb")

if __name__ == '__main__':
    data = ["foo.gdb", "bar.gdb"]
    pool = multiprocessing.Pool(2)
    result_arrays =, data)
    print result_arrays

Any idea what can cause the problem?