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Table-Join not holding values

Question asked by AlexandreH_275G on Jul 23, 2019
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Hello community,


This is the first time I have had a problem using a table-join between two sets of data whereby the resulting join lacks the values in each row from one of the tables despite loading in the columns properly.


I have two files, LineNetwork_Whole and modechoice_network as shown below.






Shown here, they both have the linkId field. The LineNetwork_Whole file is a line feature class that I want to hold the mode-split values from the modechoice_network.csv table.


Table Join


This was how I setup the table join. However, the resulting attribute table shows the following :


This image was the exported line feature class after the table join, though, the table join itself was the same. The LinkId matches and if referenced against the modechoice_network.csv it shows that LinkId-2 should have a total of 2 cars. Instead all values that should hold some number of vehicle choices are shown as zero. I made sure to format the cells in Excel as number and there are no known special characters in the data set.


I really am at a loss!


Any help would be greatly appreciated.