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Error while running clip tool with Secured Image service as input in python (arcgis-py3)

Question asked by prasanth49r_rama on Jul 23, 2019

I am writing a python script to do a raster analysis on our assets with fire layer from living atlas with arcgis-py3 python models. As pat of this script, I have to run a clip tool to clip the raster  from Image service with area of interest layer and save the image (tif) file locally. Below is the code I wrote to clip the raster.


When I run the code, I am receiving "Authentication token required" error message. I tried to rewrite the code to pass in the portal item but I am still getting the same error message.


If anyone has any idea or work around to fix the issue then please let me know. Thank you!!


Code :


rectangle="-104.304669288 30.303921921 -94.3521542569999 35.3735805700001",
out_raster=Clipped_Fire_Potential_Raster, in_template_dataset=Dissolved_Transmission_Lines,
nodata_value="0", clipping_geometry="NONE", maintain_clipping_extent="NO_MAINTAIN_EXTENT")


Error Message :

Authentication Token Required Error Message