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How to include domains with the "Add Field" tool in Model Builder

Question asked by kclark_Angler Champion on Jul 22, 2019
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I am editing an existing model in Model Builder. The model takes a feature class as input and adds dozens of fields to it that are part of a standard template. Some of these fields require domains so that drop down options can be utilized once the feature layer is published to ArcGIS Online. These are all standard as well and I would love to add them to the model so that domains don't have to be added every time a new data set it published that has used this model. 


What I am stuck on is exactly how to add the domains. I see the "Field Domain (optional)" field at the bottom of the tool properties, but I'm not sure where it "looks" to reference the domains. The input for this model could be any feature class that the user wants to add these fields to, and would not necessarily be coming from the same geodatabase. Is that something I would have to require (adding the layer to a designated geodatabase) before running the tool? Or could I incorporate that into the tool?  



I am new to Model Builder, so I appreciate any help! Thank you!