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Recreating editable FeatureDataGrid (WPF) in Xamarin/Android

Question asked by dstalbergesri-southafrica-esridist Employee on Jul 20, 2019
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This is a follow-on to the questions raised in mobile package, feature layers are not editable :


[Please note: I am using the phrase "edit/update" in the sense of changing non-spatial attribute data for a feature class for display purposes only.]


We have a WPF application with a Map consisting of 3 layers: ArcGISLocalTiledLayer (loaded from local .tpk), ArcGISLocalFeatureLayer (loaded from a local .mpk) and a GraphicsLayer that is bound to a FeatureDataGrid. The user is able to view the attributes from the ArcGISLocalFeatureLayer in the FeatureDataGrid, update the non-spatial data, e.g. population, and then the changes are rendered onto the map through the graphics layer. This code works in a totally disconnected environment.


I am trying to recreate this scenario on the Xamarin platform for Android, for a situation where there may be no access to the internet, i.e. map packages must be preloaded onto the device.


I tried using a geodatabase (uploaded as a SQLite DB) and display the attribute data in a GridView - the initial data values are displayed correctly on the map, but any edits to the GridView cannot be updated back into the database (UpdateIndexEntry error). I then tried to load the feature layer as a mobile map package, but have now found that it is also not editable).


Question 1: In the light of the comments in the earlier post - am I correct in concluding that unless the map package is downloaded from a portal item at runtime and the OfflineMapTask is used, the feature layer cannot be edited, even if there is no requirement to sync the edits with the portal item?


Question 2: If my conclusion in 1. is correct - how does the WPF FeatureDataGrid allow "edits" that are rendered onto the map?


Question 2: Other than the separate GridView / TableLayout controls for Android, is there a way to recreate the bound attribute table action of the WPF FeatureDataGrid on Android?


Question 3: Do you have a release date for the 100.5 .Net / Android Runtime Toolkits?


Thank you!