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Why can't I make the data from Survey123 private?

Question asked by GilbertAZ on Jul 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by kr1337

I've created a few surveys in Survey123 and set the settings as follows:


- Share this survey: Ask the user how to open
- Who can submit to this survey? Everyone (Public)
- What can submitters do? Only add new records
- Multiple Submissions: Allow multiple Submissions
- Survey status: Open: Accepting responses


- Who can view the results of this survey? Members of my organization, Following groups: Data Collection
- What data can viewers see? All records in this survey


The thought process was that we would be able to have people fill out the form and that our organization could review the entries internally. Eventually, we may have info that's private or confidential so it's important that the data collected is not shown to the public until we're able to verify it and remove anything that might be inappropriate.


Unfortunately, no matter how many times I create a survey and mess with the settings, there's always a data set (listed under Content) that includes all of the results that's shared with everyone. At this point, I'm stumped because I've been told multiple times that we should be able to have a public form whose results are only viewable by our organization and the settings avaialble seem to suggest the same.


How can I do this?