Web App Builder Basemap Bug

Discussion created by mdcAGSOnline on Jul 15, 2019
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I'm having an issue where the scale visiblity settings on layers within a basemap are being ignored after the basemap has been switched in the web app builder.


I have a custom basemap which contains three tile caches. One is set to view when zoomed out and it then switches to the other two when zoomed in.


e.g. when zoomed out

and when zoomed in


This is how it is saved in the webmap (which is shared with the basemap group)


There are some other basemaps as well which contain either one or two tile caches.


This is the webmap used in the web app builder If you change basemap from the default 'MDC Basemap/Aerials' to something else e.g. 'MDC Topographic'. Then change back to 'MDC Basemap/Aerials' this all seems to work ok.


However. In a web app builder pointing to the same map, if you change basemap tool and do the same thing as above, the scale settings are ignored and the three tile caches display at all levels when you switch back to MDC Basemap/Aerials.


Help..... is this a bug?