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Formatting userFullnameAttribute when configuring the Identity Store with LDAP

Question asked by joel.meier on Jul 15, 2019

Does anyone know how to properly format the JSON when configuring LDAP in portal?


I would like for this to work:

"type": "LDAP",
"properties": {
"userPassword": "...",
"caseSensitive": "false",
"userEmailAttribute": "mail",
"usernameAttribute": "mail",
"user": "...",
"userFullnameAttribute": {[givenName]&" "&[sn]},
"ldapURLForUsers": "ldaps://...",
"isPasswordEncrypted": "true",
"userSearchAttribute": "mail"

Particularly this line:

"userFullnameAttribute": "[givenName]&" "&[sn]",

Currently our IT has used a cn which would be "Meier,Joel" which doesn't auto fill in the first and last name in Portal.