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Extract Data Task and using inline variables in the

Question asked by CFraser@CITIC on Jul 11, 2019



Has anyone had success with using in-line variables with the Extract Data Task gp service?


We are using the screening widget from WABD v 2.12 which has an extract data task operating, producing a zip file output.  I've modified my extract data task gp service in modelbuilder to include some appends to databases and an incrementing ID field which I have tried (in vain) to push as an in-line variable back to the zipfile as an output file name (%scratchFolder%\ Whilst it works perfectly in the desktop environment (eg , it produces HTTP 400 errors once published as a service through to Portal, I think due to the % in the output URL? If I remove my variable from the filename (%scratchFolder%\ does work through to Portal with no errors.


If anyone has any ideas on how to use an in-line variable in the Extract Data gp service output, let me know! I am tempted to modify the Extract Data task python script, but I am not sure how I'd call the variable... Any ideas on that would be appreciated!


Many thanks,