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Editing a toolbox from multiple pro projects?

Question asked by jjohnson_washoe on Jul 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by jjohnson_washoe

I've just been bitten by an unexpected behavior and am looking for input on why this happened.

I created a Pro project (Test A), then created, edited, and saved a new model within the toolbox for that project.


While this model was running (with project Test A open) I wanted to create some additional Models within that toolbox.  

So I opened a new project (Test B), then ADDED the toolbox from Test A to the Catalog pane for Test B.  I created some models and saved them in the Test A toolbox, from within project Test B.


All seems fine, the newly added models run with no problem, and saving with no warning.


However, the new models never show up in the Test A project Catalog pane.  I've saved within both projects, refreshed the Catalog pane within each project, and I'm seeing two different lists of models (see screen shot).  What really GOT me with this is that after I closed the projects and then re-opened them, ONLY the models created within project Test A exist.  All the other models I created and saved (apparently successfully) have vaporized.


What is going on?