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Deploying on Azure with multiple directories

Question asked by Guus.Klaas_stedin on Jul 3, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2019 by derekja

Hiya. Our organisation is moving to the cloud (azure to be precise), and the task has fallen to me to deploy ArcGIS. And while I've done so in the past on Azure, I've not done it recently. My goal is to leverage an as cloud native deployment as possible, for roughly 3000 users, while retaining a certain degree of control for our dev team. To use that, I'd like to start building a POC. To that end, our IT partner has provided me with an azure subscription in our second directory, named Stedin POC:


I've got "contributor" right to this group, and I'm able to deploy resources/resource groups/etc...


The OTHER directory also has a subscription, but it is of the 'free' kind without any rights whatsoever... Now I'd like to use cloudbuilder to deploy, however, there's no option whatsoever to swap to the POC directory...


I've had a look through the cloud builders' directory, to see if I could tune the CloudBuilder-10-7-1.exe.config file to allow a dir-shift, but no such luck...


Is there a way, or a hidden command switch I can use to swap directories? Currently the tool goes straight after signin (I even tried forcing it to avoid single-signon using a system account, which indeed allowed me to enter credentials yet not select the azure directory) to the "new deployment" page:

and while I created a resource group previously in the poc-subscription, and pre-added the images to my subscription to allow programmatic deployment:

It's just not showing up in the builder, nor does it give me rights to create one FROM builder, illustrating it's in the wrong subscription and as such, the wrong directory: