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A more advanced split polygon tool or python script?

Question asked by AlexandreH_275G on Jul 2, 2019

Hello everyone,


I have an irregular and block-like polygonal doughnut that I would like to cut up into roughly equal 40-foot by 40-foot squares, however, I have not found a solution from the tools I have been able to find based on other questions here on GeoNet--more specifically similar questions regarding the split polygon tool or various python scripts.


Is there some method, tool, or script that might be able to assist with this? It does not need to be exactly 40x40 but a close approximation.


I need this level of specificity to georeferance a screenshot and visually allocate zoomed-in aspects of this screenshot to each polygon for use in a hot spot analysis based on a previous analysis which used the integrate tool at 20 feet.


Any help or guidance would be super!