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Publish Collector with Related Tables (feature class-feature class, feature class-tables, tables-tables)

Question asked by oehprestos on Jul 1, 2019

I'm trying to publish a geodatabase for use with Collector. I have related feature class-feature class, feature class-table and table-table. I haven't been able to publish the geodatabase successfully. If I remove the related tables it publishes but ultimately I need the tables.


I saw that you can only have 3 linked tables. Originally I had 4 [proposed location > sample location > analytical primary > analytical secondary] so I've re-directed one of the relates [proposed location < sample location, sample location > analytical primary > analytical secondary] but it still won't publish.   


Can anyone help. i have attached my geodatabase. Thanks


I have revisited and removed the table-table relationship and it published so its [proposed location < sample location, sample location > analytical primary] . How do I get the [analytical primary > analytical secondary] relationship to work against the sample location?