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Data not loading - "an error occurred fetching data"

Question asked by nzmalc on Jun 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2019 by nzmalc


We have had our Hub/Open Data site running for several years using map services from 10.3.1


We now have an enterprise GIS server on 10.7 and are planning on shifting our map services to come from this server.


I have set up a test and its not working. The map service is configured on 10.7 in the same way as 10.3.1 but when I add the data to Open Data and go to the Data tab, I get "An error occurred fetching data"


This is the current map service and Open Data item coming from 10.3.1


This is the one coming from 10.7


Any ideas why the 10.7 service isn't working?


The spatial record seems to be coming through ok as I can see the two polygons on the map, its just the Data tab thats not working correctly.