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Using Calculations to Prepopulate answers when opening Survey from the Inbox

Question asked by MCottrillesriuk-esridist Employee on Jul 1, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2020 by TLongSUGF

Hi - I've created a Survey from a Feature Service using Survey123 Connect.  The Feature Service comprises a point Feature Layer with a Related Table.  The fields/questions within the Related Table sit within a Repeat. I'm trying to 'automatically' pre-populate fields (Base Score, Compliance Score, Total Score and Frequency) in the parent Feature Layer (using a Calculation) with values from fields in the Related Table – here is a simplified mock-up:


It works fine in Survey123 Connect ‘Preview’ and it works fine when I open via ‘Collect’ in the Survey123 Field App.  However, when I open the survey from the Inbox of the Field App, the 4 fields with Calculations in the Feature Layer get a green refresh button which the user must click to run the Calculation (they don't update automatically):

Do you know if it’s possible get these fields to update automatically without having to click the refresh buttons?