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Utility Network Validate Topology Timeout

Question asked by jmorocco_ramtech on Jun 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2019 by jmorocco_ramtech

I am working on updating a Gas utility network and having some issues with validating topology.  I have split a very long (6 Miles long approx) pipe that connected to a large number of feeders.  The corresponding dirty area envelop is quite large and the density of features within that envelope is significant.  I have been unable to validate the topology because the GP Tool, Python, and the ArcGIS Pro UN Ribbon tool all timeout at approximately 10 minutes.  Has anyone come up with a work around / solution to a large network validation?  At this point I'm kind of stuck.  I turned up the the time a client can use the web service but that hasn't impacted the timeout on running the validation with the GP tool or Python. 


If I move to a smaller area outside of the large dirty are shown in the picture, make and edit / add a feature and validate the topology things work as expected.  To me, this indicates that the issue is probably related to the quantity of feature in the dirty area I've created.   


Any help appreciated!