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Update Legacy MapObjects Application using Runtime SDK .NET

Question asked by fellj on Jun 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2019 by MBranscomb-esristaff

Dear .NET Community,


I am fairly new to the concept of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET as most of my development has been for ArcGIS Server, Python, and ArcObjects addins. The reason I am looking into Runtime SDKs is because of their ability to offer stand-alone GIS functions. This seems to be a viable solution for a legacy MapObjects application that our department needs to replace. I am going to the User Conference this year to identify solutions and resources that will help our development team achieve a polished application that retains appropriate functionality and incorporates some enhancements. I'm sending a call to Native App Developers, Developer Communities to please offer any advice on the following. If you are willing to connect at the conference or the Tuesday evening developer social please let me know. 


  • Creating custom tiled basemaps (anyone use custom vector tile basemaps with runtime SDK?).
  • Using the Lite license level and how that works.
  • Has anyone used a custom Web API with runtime .NET to connect a system of record database with an enterprise geodatabase? I am looking into .NET Core 2.2 Web API solutions for this.
  • Windows authentication.
  • Highly performant architecture.


Your thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated. If this is not the appropriate forum for this question, please direct me to the appropriate place.