ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android WebTiledLayer refreshInterval

Discussion created by nasa_BillyZ313 on Jun 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2019 by gheppner-esristaff

I am working with the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android and I am using a WebTiledLayer that refreshes the data in NRT. The data consists of five consecutive layers that make an animation.  Layer 0 is the current layer, followed by layer 1, Layer 2, etc...  When the data is updated by the WebTileService Layer 0 gets new data, Layer 1 gets the data from 0, and so on down the line.  I use five WebTiledLayers and animate showing one at a time, this part works great, however when the service updates the data the SDK doesn't refresh so it becomes stale.  I previously built this application as a web application using the ArcGIS API for Javascript which handles the WebTiledLayer refresh simply by calling the .refresh() function as needed (every 60 seconds.)  The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android seems to be missing this functionality.  So I am currently being forced to remove the layers and add them back which causes a flashing as they reload even if the tiles are not updated (I check every 60 seconds for new data, exactly like I do in the js application.)  The refresh in the javascript API works seamlessly and you never notice the refresh is happening except the new data shows up when it is available.  I'm guessing if there was a refresh function for the Android SDK it would work seamlessly as well, can you please help me with this?