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10.6.1 - Not displaying rasters at mid-range scale

Question asked by ldenkeler on Jun 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by ldenkeler

I recently installed ArcMap 10.6.1 and opened an existing file created in 10.6.  We just have a Basic level subscription and I've install the most recent patches for 10.6.1. The rasters in the file had no issues before but now are behaving strangely. No display scales are set to any of the images, but they will not display between scale range 1:4584 - 1:1:36,679. Nothing in the file has changed, just the version of ArcMap. You can see them but they will some variation of gray, either solid or giant pixels of gray values. Above and below this range they display without any issue. They are full-color, high-res, 1/64 quad extent. Any ideas where I should be looking to correct the problem?  Thanks!