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Python /Arcpy Script not executing in Arcmap but works Catalogue & Python Addin not working on my arcmap but works on other comp arcmap

Question asked by vdawg1990 on Jun 20, 2019



I have two questions

1) When I execute arcpy scripts in python in arcmap nothing happens but when I do it in catalogue it works fine. I can still type print "hello" and comes back "hello"  in arcmap but my arcpy scripts just do nothing after I press enter. (see image below) (I am also very new to python so it might be something simple I am missing)


2) I have an add-in that doesn't work in my arcmap on my computer but it works on my work colleagues computer.. So I can add the add-in to the tool bar and can see the button but when I click on it nothing happens...

I have added other addins that work which appear to be the same version ect. Any ideas???








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