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ArcGIS Online - Can't Edit a Hosted Feature Layer After Deleting a Field

Question asked by CrystalRoyNorthern on Jun 17, 2019
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We've been updating a hosted feature layer on ArcGIS Online and found that we didn't need a stored field anymore, so it was deleted. This has caused the hosted feature layer to no longer be editable, and gives a general function error whenever I try to add or paste new features:

General function failure [Invalid column name 'Name'.]

Trying to digitize new features gives the same error message.

The same error also occurs using the web app to edit attributes.

I have tried overwriting the feature layer, but it also gives me an error:


Has anyone else experienced this and could give me some advice? I would rather not delete the hosted feature layer and make a new one, since it's involved in several widgets and its web map and app settings would take some time to redo.