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Custom URL from Collector Passing Attribute Values with Special Characters to Survey123

Question asked by MGill@jmt.com_jmt on Jun 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by MGill@jmt.com_jmt

I have a web map for use in Collector that has a custom URL in the pop-up to launch a Survey123 form. One of the fields that is passed through the custom URL tends to have a lot of values with apostrophes. In the Survey123 form, all the fields populate via the custom URL as expected until a value with an apostrophe is passed through, then the apostrophe does not appear and nothing after that auto-populates. An example is below:


Field One: 

Compton Peak


Field Two:

Mary         <<< This should read "Mary's Rock"


Field Three:

                 <<< This should read "Rock Castle Gorge" 


This behavior only appears on the iPad and Android mobile devices. When tested in the Windows version of the Survey123 application, all the values come through as expected.