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Query widget filter

Question asked by alberto.canivano on Jun 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2019 by alberto.canivano

I want to pass a value to the Query widget from a URL link.

I put that url inside Query widget_initSelf and using urlToObject(url) would get the value of the field I want to filter

        var queries = this.config.queries;

        if(queries.length === 0){
          html.setStyle(this.tasksNode, 'display', 'none');
          html.setStyle(this.noQueryTipSection, 'display', 'block');

          } else {
          var myObject= urlUtils.urlToObject("")        

I would like to know in which part of the widget.js I should pass the object I get to make the filter.


My goal is that when this url does not have any filtering value (PROPIEDAD_ID is empty) the Query widget will be used with all the records (which is how I have it configured right now);
While when this url has a query value, be able to pass the object as a filter to the Query (PROPIEDAD_ID is one of the fields of my geometry) and appear filtered and zoomed to the new operational layer created.


Thank you!