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Wildcard Search in Attribute Assistant Expression

Question asked by verdin on Jun 12, 2019

How can I use a wildcard search term inside of the attribute assistant? I am trying to look in one field for the text string   " WY" (The field might say "WINDY WY" or "MAIN ST", etc). If the search is successful, I want to populate another field based on findings so field 2 would say "WINDY WAY". 

Input Fields:

Str_Name = "WINDY WY"

Str_Dir = "N"

Str_Numb = "123"

Unit = "#100"


Result Field:

USPS: = "123 N WINDY WAY #100"


To reiterate, I want to search the Str_Name field for specific street types, then based on that result populate the USPS field with a concatenated string using the proper street type abbreviation.


The thought it was important to explain the entire expression I want but I really only need help with the wildcard search