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How to Create Field in Table, Standalone Table, Feature Layer, or Feature Class?

Question asked by jameskennedy2265 on Jun 12, 2019
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I am working on porting old applications from ArcObjects to the new ArcGIS Pro SDK and have a significant question. I've looked through the questions and the examples, but I am stumped on this one.


How can I create a field in a Table?

in a Standalone Table?

in a Feature Layer?

in a Feature Class?


In ArcObjects this was quite easy as you could do 

IField field = new Field();
IFieldEdit fieldEdit = (IFieldEdit)field;
fieldEdit.Name_2 = fieldName;
fieldEdit.Type_2 = fieldType;


now I must use ExecuteToolAsync?


How can I use this, is there a good example of someone adding a field?