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What are you using for an emergency offline mapping alternative?

Question asked by mbalxnder on Jun 10, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2020 by le-ax

I work in a moderate utility company (~180,000 customers). After Hurricane Michael and due to recent events internally, I am looking for an offline alternative for maps for our field crews. Currently we are using Portal for most everything, which works well as long as the internal network is up and as long as internet access through providers is available. However, in anticipation of a situation where neither of those are working and they need an alternative for the field, what is everyone using?


ArcReader and Publisher are one alternative, but the overhead on that for a small 1-2 person GIS to maintain, in my opinion, is not the most efficient. In addition, the field crews begin to rely on that software rather than Portal (past experience). The Mobile Map Package and Explorer are another option, but we are not an ArcGIS Pro shop, strictly Desktop at the moment. The number of layers they need access to are quite a few and some attribute information would be required as well.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts....