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Call Collector via Survey123 to collect Polys & Lines with relationship class does not record parentglobalid

Question asked by whitney on Jun 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by whitney

I am trying to call Collector via a survey in Survey123 to collect polygons and lines. Attached is a document (old screenshots) with the detailed process as well as my spreadsheet, but following is an overview of the steps I took:

  • create survey in Connect via spreadsheet using repeat sections for polys and lines
  • publish survey, collect 1 point and download gdb
  • add line & poly fcs to gdb, add globalid and relationship class to write globalid from survey into parentglobalid in line & poly fcs, as done with table repeats
  • publish the gdb and point the survey form to the hosted feature layer
  • refresh the survey and add form_title, form_id, and submission_url to spreadsheet

  • update note which calls Collector to map line, poly. question - these are of note type as when had as geotrace and geoshape types, it did not work, although I can't remember why. As such, they are reflected as strings and tables within the schema rather than Feature Layers
  • republish, collect data, download. Get error upon downoading so downloaded via python script referenced in View your results—Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS.
  • lines & polys recorded in fc, but parentglobalid is still not populated, despite relationship class.

So, I'm still at square one with no way to relate my line and polygon data to my original survey.


Somebody please take pity on me and tell me what I am missing!