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Can't sign in to Survey123Connect using enterprise Portal

Question asked by housewren on Jun 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2019 by puuri

Back sometime in 2018 I had installed Survey123Connect.  I don't recall whether I tried logging in or not, but I didn't get back to it until now.  Since the elapse of time, I figured it would be better to get the latest version, so uninstalled and installed version  I tried to sign in to our enterprise Portal, but the sign-in button doesn't send me to the login page, or respond any manner.  I saw the info about Windows credentials, so I went there and there was an old credential, I presume related to my original install;  I deleted it, and tried signing in again.  Didn't work.  I switched to ArcGIS Online, and the sign-in button worked there (although I can't log in because I don't have an organizational account)


I can sign in to Survey123, just not Survey123Connect


Any ideas what might be the problem?