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Geoevent Push JSON to external website consistently fails over time.

Question asked by dobrochta@paturnpike.com_paturnpike on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by DWade-esristaff



I am working with ArcGIS Geoevent 10.5.1 and I have a push JSON to an external website output service setup. The output service runs fine for a period of time (Several days or so), but eventually it will fail. I think the cause of the failure is that geoevent isn't receiving http response back from the website within the timeout period. The timeout period is already set to 600 seconds. If geoevent doesn't receive the response within 10 minutes it is likely never going to receive a request. Is there a way to force geoevent to drop the data push if it fails to receive a http response and move on to the next data push rather than stopping the service all together? http requests back to geoevent could seemingly get lost for any number of reasons and it seems unreasonable for one failed response to stop the entire service. Also if there is no way to stop the failure is there a way to force the output service to restart? Ideally, I should not have to manually refresh the output service to get the service running again if it fails.