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Configure LocalServer Url

Question asked by borja.paresesri-es-esridist Employee on Jun 5, 2019
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I'm developing an ArcGIS Runtime WPF appliation that startup a LocalServer to publish some mpk created in ArcMap. During the LocalServer initialization I can see in the console that the LocalServer will be started listening in a port between 50000 and 60000, and with a random prefix to be included in the url:

'maxport' = '60000'
'minport' = '50000'
'urlprefix' = 'random'


So, for example, the url of the server could be:

Each time the application starts, and initializes the local server, the url prefix is changed.


is there any way to fix to a static values, the port number and the urlprefix?


I'm going to develop a javascript application that can consume the services published in the local server, so that is the reason to have a fixed server url.


Thanks in advance.