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Split Tool Python Add-in

Question asked by deleted-user-xMX4dVb2z4Qh on May 31, 2019



I am looking to write out a python tool that mimics the editor bar split tool button. Does anyone have a sample of the split tool for me to manipulate to add in the addtional field calcs. 


We are trying to get around a esri "bug" where if you have a 1 to many relationship and preform a split it drops the foreign key from the feature. My goal is to preform the split and have both new feature retain the foreign/parent key relationship values. I think you are able to change this within a class extension but i would rather deploy a toolbar then an application for this specific editing scenario.  



1 line feature class, 1 to many relationship class, 1 table

- many line features to 1 record in the table


I am looking to utilize the onMouseUp command as an input to the split feature at point for a selected line. 

Here is my thought you select a line, click the "split", the new tool pops up, click a point on the, and the line splits and field calcs the foreign keys back over.