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Geocode service - Address Output it Empty Despite Score of 100

Question asked by gjansen1 on May 31, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2019 by gjansen1

I've recently had to rebuild and republish a composite locator inArcGIS for Desktop 10.5 as a geocoding service to server 10.3.  I've ranked the first match from US Single House Addresses with address point data and second match from US Addresses - Dual Range with road centerlines. Both locators perform as expected in ArcMap and return matches as expected through the service. The issue I am having is, when a road name is searched with no address number with the geocode service, it is successfully matched, but the Match_Addr and output Address fields are empty. Is there a setting I am missing somewhere? 


Successful match for address with address number against single house locator with Address matched listed:


Successful match for intersection with dual range locator with intersection matched listed as Address:


Successful match for road name (without address number) with dual range locator, but the Address matched output is empty: