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Incremental Updates loading Big Data Store in GeoEvent with csv files

Question asked by Brittan.Battles on May 31, 2019



Working in GeoEvent 10.6.1

I am curious if a workflow can be crafted for GeoEvent Server to ingest .csv files but track the updates via an objectID, similar to how GeoEvent can track incremental updates when polling a feature service?


I have an application that will output .csv files into a folder when a database update is complete, but I want to be able to  track incremental updates with an objectID so we aren't mapping duplicate points. Any ideas on how to accomplish this in GeoEvent?


I thought about polling a service from the big data store that stores the duplicate points by polling using the incremental update option to filter duplicates, but 2 GE inputs/services/outputs seems redundant and is really slow in our GeoEvent Environment and seems to not poll all features before the input "freezes up".


Any ideas?