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IIF expression for attribute assistant

Question asked by bhumphries_mgis on May 31, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by bhumphries_mgis

I am trying to calculate a field using the attribute assistant using the Dynamic Value table. 


I want to check the MainHeading Field and if the value of the field falls in between two values Calculate Yes or NO 

If the value is between 166 and 195 I want the field to be populated with a Yes

If the value is not between those values I want to field the populated with a NO


Below is the what I have tried, but I keep getting the same results as YES for all values even the ones that are not in between the 166 and 195 range.

IIF([MainHeading] >= 166 & [MainHeading] <=195, "YES", "NO")


I am sure I have something wrong but I cannot figure it out.


I know someone on here can solve this.