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Duplicate definition queries appearing for a specific query

Question asked by jknowles@usbr.gov_USBR on May 30, 2019

For a specific feature class/feature layer, every time I close the Layer Properties->Definition Query dialog and then reopen it, I get a duplicate definition query. It's the same exact query, just another one. Every time I close and reopen, a new one appears.


I'm on Pro 2.3.3. 


It appears that it has something to do with the query itself since this is only happening for a specific query, but happens on a fgdb feature class and a hosted feature layer (basically same FC but published to AGOL).


The query is


(polygon_id NOT LIKE 'FY19-Rapid-_____-____-_' AND
polygon_id NOT LIKE 'FY19-Rapid-_____-____-__' AND polygon_id NOT LIKE 'FY19-Intensive-_____-____-_' AND polygon_id NOT LIKE 'FY19-Intensive-_____-____-__') OR polygon_id IS NULL


Has anyone else seen this behavior? Anything wrong with this WHERE clause?