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Data Cleared in Nested Repeats

Question asked by WestlandGIS on May 30, 2019
Latest reply on May 31, 2019 by westlandenv

I have built a few forms now that have nested repeats to collect data on. What I am finding, is that when surveyors scroll back through some of the repeats, some data (not all) is cleared from questions within the nested repeats. For instance, one form has repeats for call points (collects location, time, and two y/n questions). If a call point has a detection (indicated by a "yes" to one of those questions), a new group of questions shows up that are part of a nested repeat. When surveyors scroll back through the call points, when they get to one that had a detection, some of the detection data collected has been cleared. Additionally, if they attempt to repopulate the fields, they receive errors that they are attempting to enter data outside of the constraints on that field, even if their value is actually within those constraints. I am attaching the excel of one of these forms, if this helps.