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Preventing in_memory layer from being removed from table of contect after running Python tool?

Question asked by Welch33 on May 30, 2019
Latest reply on May 31, 2019 by GSCUser85

I am creating a python tool that will be used by multiple people, part of the python tool I am creating I want to run a Statistics_analysis report in_memory.


I don't need to save it (just view it once) and our departments shared folder location has spaces in it name so I couldn't save it here even if I wanted to since you can't save info tables to a path with any spaces.

The tool works perfectly except for the fact the layer just disappear once the tool is complete.


arcpy.Statistics_analysis(r'GROUP\POINTS\GPS Pipe Point', r"in_memory\MN__Table", 'COLLECTIONDATE FIRST;COLLECTIONDATE LAST', 'GPSNUMBER')