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layers not displaying in Collector

Question asked by whitney on May 29, 2019

I'm calling Collector from Survey123 to map polys and lines. Unfortunately, the only layer displaying in Collector is the point layer, which I don't need to collect via Collector. The process I used: create the survey from the spreadsheet, add a record, download the data to gdb to add the poly & line fcs and relationships. Add the gdb to AGOL, publish the webmap, share, etc. I copied the URL of the hosted feature layer, which has been shared, edits allowed, etc. to the URL of the form. The hosted feature layer Supports applyEdits with GlobalIds: True.


Here are some details

Note to call Collector:

<a href="arcgis-collector://?itemID=9824d82442c64c498c2b404ef3e719c3&featureSourceURL=">Map a Polygon</a>


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