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Get specific data for a created polygon

Question asked by 6123678_uni_utrecht on May 28, 2019
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For my master thesis I'm working with ArcGIS pro 2.1.0 now. I've divided a city into 7 different polygons to be able to get specific data for each of the polygons. One of ?the things I want to derive is per polygon an overview of for instance the number or percentage of houses with an energylabel A++, A+, and so on. I tried to use the tool spatial join, but for some reason it fails. I've tried it with several different output fields, match options, etc. Could it be because the Energielabel_Groningen data is not specifically divided into different labes (i.e. you can't turn a specific label on or off). Or is there maybe another way to get this data?

I hope someone can help me:)