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ArcGIS Pro not creating Spatial ETL Tool - Data Interoperability

Question asked by AChapman@jmt.com_jmt on May 22, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2020 by mike.cusi_RACQ

When I go to create a Spatial ETL Tool in ArcGIS Pro (version 2.3.3) I am prompted with the window to enter the name and label for my tool, but once I hit the 'OK' button the tool is not created. My cursor will turn to the spinning circle for a second or two, but when I check in under the tool box where I created the tool nothing is there, and no .fmw files are written to the folder the project is saved in. I have been able to successfully create Spatial ETL Tool's before in Pro but I do not remember what version (2.X) I was using at that time.