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Depression Evaluation completes with Float Raster as input but not Integer Raster

Question asked by insyzygy on May 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by insyzygy

I am trying to extract depressions from a DEM (1600 x 2400 pixels). The following workflow works, but only using the float raster as input:


1. Project to UTM; resample (cubic); specify vertical coordinate system;

2. Run Depression evaluation

3. Done.

For a Float Raster, the run-time is 4 hours.  To speed this up, I am trying to use integer raster as input.


I then rescale the pixel values to integer centimetres and define the vertical coordinate system accordingly with the appropriate scale factor but when using this as input, the procedure only completes for a small part of the raster, when I set the extent to the full raster, it hangs at the "Computing drainage area for depressions..." (RasterToPolygon)

step. Note that the raster is 32 bit signed, if that makes any difference.  I don't think 16 bit unsigned will have the range I need.


I've also nullified zero pixels that appear around the edges after projecting the data to UTM from Geographic but no use.  I am not sure what is going on and would be grateful for some advice.