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Issue with saving a project copy to a physical file

Question asked by ricardo.rodriguesesri-portugal-pt-esridist Employee on May 22, 2019



I'm having an issue with losing a drawing layer datasource:


result =, templatePagx)

aprx = result.ArcGISProject

map = aprx.listMaps('Web Map')[0]


aprxTemp ='C:\OUTPUTTESTE\Test.aprx')

map1 = aprxTemp.listMaps('Web Map')[0]



Basically when I check the layers of the "map" object the layer named "pointLayer" (which consists of a drawn point exported from Web App Builder) has a datasource.


After saving a copy of the project and re-opening it, if I check the layer again on the object "map1" everything is equal but the datasource is empty meaning I lost the drawn point.


Does anyone know if this is a bug or if there's a workaround for this?


Thanks in advance